Wreck What Came Before You

I will always be attracted to wierdos, outsiders and outliers. As a cinephile, my heroes are subversive artists that challenged academia, the industry and the aesthetics of their time. One of my favorite filmmakers is John Waters. The comedian,film director, screenwriter, author, visual artist and actor created his own scene, his own look. His filmography is a testament to his bad taste, his childhood influence … Continue reading Wreck What Came Before You

Vanessa Beecroft:Avvoltoio Di Cultura

Lots of feelings about this article in New York Magazine. I’m rather objective when it comes to art. From a mastery perspective , she’s following an almost instinctual desire to explore race. It’s a reflection of her open mind cultivated by her unorthodox childhood. Once an artist’s work leaves the studio, there is an inherent accountability. You have to relate it to the context of … Continue reading Vanessa Beecroft:Avvoltoio Di Cultura

Ten Instagram Nail Artists You NEED to Follow

If you’ve ever perused Instagram you’ll see thousands of “models” and “makeup gurus” flaunting their stiletto nails and claws. I’ve always been obsessed with glamorous women showcasing their elegantly lacquered tips. I can remember my grandmother pulling me to the side when I was nine and giving my cuticles a massage with coconut oil and garlic. As strange and putrid as it sounds, my nails … Continue reading Ten Instagram Nail Artists You NEED to Follow

Best Music Videos of the Web : Bachelorette by Bjork

Bachelorette Bjork has been celebrated for both her visual and musical accomplishments. Between developing an innovative app for her record Biophilia to hosting a retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art. Bjork as long established connections with filmmakers and visual artists. Her recent collaboration with Autodesk and director Andrew Huang marks a unique moment when the art world embraces popular musicians as legitimate artists. Bachelorette … Continue reading Best Music Videos of the Web : Bachelorette by Bjork

.GIF Arts Festival Opens in Los Angeles

They are viral. They’re wonky. They’re here to stay. Gifs rare growing popular as a tool for marketing. Go to any fashion site or media site and you’ll see employment opportunities for GIF makers. The .GIF Arts Festival is coming to LA. Its GIF is a one day interactive arts festival. GIF stands for “Graphics Interchange Format – Picture Format” in which a series of … Continue reading .GIF Arts Festival Opens in Los Angeles