Wreck What Came Before You

I will always be attracted to wierdos, outsiders and outliers. As a cinephile, my heroes are subversive artists that challenged academia, the industry and the aesthetics of their time. One of my favorite filmmakers is John Waters. The comedian,film director, screenwriter, author, visual artist and actor created his own scene, his own look. His filmography is a testament to his bad taste, his childhood influence … Continue reading Wreck What Came Before You

Vanessa Beecroft:Avvoltoio Di Cultura

Lots of feelings about this article in New York Magazine. I’m rather objective when it comes to art. From a mastery perspective , she’s following an almost instinctual desire to explore race. It’s a reflection of her open mind cultivated by her unorthodox childhood. Once an artist’s work leaves the studio, there is an inherent accountability. You have to relate it to the context of … Continue reading Vanessa Beecroft:Avvoltoio Di Cultura

The Video Art of Jillian Mayer

‘comedic satirical sci-fi pop-musical,’” perhaps the only compound-genre name apt to label a film based largely on transhumanist theory….a hobnob between the New Aesthetic movement and an inimitable hyperreal gusto, pilfering imagery from the Internet and the IRL world… datamoshing cultural memes and readying them for a full cognitive digestive cycle, often born from an angst that feels suburban in nature.“ – Miami Rail “EraseyPage.com” … Continue reading The Video Art of Jillian Mayer

Cindy Sherman at The Broad- Los Angeles

Sherman is an antidote to the selfie generation. With just a few exceptions, Sherman appears — sometimes several times — in all of her photographs. But she’s everywhere and nowhere at the same time. In a 1999 interview, Sherman explained that photographing herself sprang from utilitarianism, not narcissism: “I use myself the way I would use a mannequin. not autobiographical. They’re not fantasies of mine. … Continue reading Cindy Sherman at The Broad- Los Angeles

Cracking Open the Beat: Kayne West and The Life of Pablo

Following the album’s initial Tidal release, West declared his intentions to continue altering the music, declaring it a “living breathing changing creative expression.” In March 2016, over a month after the album’s release, West updated the album’s Tidal track list with a reworked version of “Wolves”, which included previously removed guest vocals from Vic Mensa and Sia, and separated the ending portion sung by Frank … Continue reading Cracking Open the Beat: Kayne West and The Life of Pablo

K-Hole #5: My Impressions on Creativity, LA, Fear and Magic

I could not describe the overwhelming feeling of anticipation I had for K- Hole Issue #5.  The New York-based trend forecasting group creates amazing reports that are awe-inspiring in their brevity and sensibility.  “Normcore” was enough to convince me to reconsider apparel companies like American Apparel and J-Crew. They first talked about chaos as legible chaos in their Brand Anxiety Matrix, which was featured in K-Hole Issue … Continue reading K-Hole #5: My Impressions on Creativity, LA, Fear and Magic

Children, Concepts and Cars: A review of Cop Car

Originally debuting at Sundance, Cop Car was released for general audiences of August 7,2015. The film was directed by Jon Watts and was released by Focus Features. Jon Watts  began his career directing Comedy Central’s Onion Sportsdome and IFC’s Onion News Network. His directing style features a  blend of comedy and horror. Parodying politics, puppets and filmmaking itself.  After producing web content for Yahoo, Watts … Continue reading Children, Concepts and Cars: A review of Cop Car