Wreck What Came Before You

I will always be attracted to wierdos, outsiders and outliers. As a cinephile, my heroes are subversive artists that challenged academia, the industry and the aesthetics of their time. One of my favorite filmmakers is John Waters. The comedian,film director, screenwriter, author, visual artist and actor created his own scene, his own look. His filmography is a testament to his bad taste, his childhood influence … Continue reading Wreck What Came Before You

Key West Film Festival

The Key West Film Festival underway and will continue until November 25, 2015. Tropicult took the trip last year. Key West has always had Hollywood insiders coming and going and the film festival is no exception. In the past, Key West has welcomed countless individuals to the festival from Marisa Tomei to John Waters and their constant support of the festival has been fantastic. There … Continue reading Key West Film Festival